Siemens Financial Services

Siemens Financial Services is a company, which is a division of Siemens AG. SFS or Siemens Financial Services provides financing solutions for several investment tools and other financial products. The article below reveals certain facts about the company and its dealings.
Siemens AG is regarded as one of the leading electronic engineering companies operating in the global arena. As of 2004, the total sales recorded were worth $91.5 billion. The company was set up some 150 years ago and there are several divisions of the company looking into different sectors.

The different sectors into, which the company has diversified include:
Control and Automation
Water Technologies
Building Technologies
Services and Home Appliances.
Siemens in United States of America:
Siemens Financial Services, Inc. is financial services company, which is functional in the United States of America. This particular company is involved in areas like:
Capital Markets
Commercial Trade Finance
Equipment Financing
Vendor Financing
Asset Based Lending

Siemens Financial Services in Europe:
Siemens Financial Services was set up in the year 1997 for handling financial issues. The company also looks into sales as well as investment financing. Siemens Financial Services GmbH. Providing insurance solutions are also part of the services offered by the company directs all activities of Siemens Financial Services.

In general, Siemens Financial Services is responsible for extending varied business finance remedies to different organizations in the United Kingdom. Clients include such large corporates like FTSE 100 to individual traders, charities, churches, local trusts and authorities. In addition to the above, some of the financial services include:
Working capital finance
Treasury services

Finance amount may start from 1000 pounds to several million pounds. Siemens Financial Services is based in Stoke Poges, Buckingham shire.

The other places where the company is operational include:


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