Sony Financial Services

Sony Financial Services enables an individual to own all those electronic equipments, which are manufactured by Sony. There are various financing options offered by Sony Financial Services to its large consumer base.
Sony Financial Services or SFS was set up in the 1999. This firm was set up so that it could extend various financial services to the people opting for various Sony products. A whole range of consumer as SFS or Sony Financial Services offers well as commercial financing programs.

Some of the prominent products, which are financed by the company include:
Personal computers
Computer peripherals
Home entertainment systems
Professional A/V products

Sony together with Sony Financial Services (SFS) offers a wide range of Sony products to the customers. These “integrated technology solution” are meant for software, hardware, support, services, financing as well as shipping.

Since the financial products offered by Sony Financial Services are very innovative as well as flexible, an individual is able to stay abreast the latest technology reining the market. This in turn allows the business house to have a competitive advantage over its rivals.

It is a well known fact that as far as reliability and technology is concerned Sony has always stood the tests of time.

Sony Financial Holdings Inc is the holding firm for business operations of Sony Financial Services. Some of the other companies, whose operations are also governed by Sony Financial Holdings Inc include the following:
Sony Bank
Sony Life Insurance
Sony Assurance


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