CDC Small Business Finance

CDC Small Business Finance provides several types loan plans and their experience of over two decades of personalized customer service is enough to make them the leaders of the industry. As a committed service provider, the company is always ready to serve the small businesses in California.
Till now this company has provided over US $1 billion in SBA 504 loans to promote small businesses and has funded the financial needs of these businesses. In this way the company has become the most favorite of small business owners, bankers, and real estate brokers.

CDC Small Business Finance is famous for its experience, reliability, service, and expertise and with this kind of a profile this company has efficiently played its role in developing financing packages according to the demands of small, growing businesses.

This company has been creating the best loan options for the commercial property and long life equipment and at present the company’s current effective rate is 6.68 % including fees to CDC, SBA and central servicing agent.

The vision and mission of the company is to provide their full assistance in the growth of the different small businesses through better customer service, integrity, creativity, productivity, compassion and better team work. The company is always ready to make the capital available for the sector and it wants to become the most successful innovative non-profit company of the country which grants loans to the small business sector.


CDC has a wide range of loan options and there is huge flexibility in choosing the right one. Again repayment options and loan duration is also very comfortable. Because the small business loans received huge response, many versions has been created.

Some of the loan types are:
504 Loan Program
The 7A Loan
Community Loan Programs
SBA micro Loan
San Diego Bankers’ Small business CDC
Community Express SBA Loan Program
USDA Intermediary Re-lending Profram
State of California Guaranty Loan
Direct Capital


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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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