GE Small Business Finance

GE is offering smart financial solutions for small businesses so that they can grow at a rapid pace. Small business finance is a concept that is meant to provide financial assistance to the small scale businesses facing financial obstacles. This kind of finance comes in different packages determined by the finance company.
GE has some special financial solutions like Business Credit Cards, Sales Finance, Benefit Solutions, for the small business sector. The business credit cards are designed to provide flexible financing. It is also meant to set spending controls and to provide special discounts.

There are two types of credit cards, Charge Card and Revolving Card.

These Cards provide the following facilities to the card owner:
These cards sets credit limits for the employees
Manages the account online
makes online account payment
24/7 customer support service
No annual fee for the cards
Rewards on every purchase
Huge business discounts
Another unique offer from the company is Sales Finance which boosts the sales because it increases the customer�s purchasing capacity. The offer provides Custom Cards for small businesses. It also provides promotional offers which is actually meant to attract customers. It gives the customers the additional purchasing capacity which helps them to buy more. GE money actually makes separate plans for every individual businessman who is their client, to promote their sales and to help their business to grow.

In today�s society, the customer expects financial support and from wherever they can manage it, they would go there. Now if somebody cannot provide this back-up, that is his fault. GE small business solution provides the clients this kind of facility to help them in their business. The company also enables the small scale businessmen to provide their employees high quality medical facilities at very lower costs. This facility would offer them huge discounts on medical treatments. This policy also helps the employer to earn loyalty from the employees. But in this case, one should remember that this is not a health insurance policy and terms and conditions are also different.

GE, also enables the employers to make available legal assistance for their employees so that it can make them feel a bit relaxed and they can work more efficiently. There are several options available for the employer to select and provide both, his employees and his business quality services.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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