Lehman Brothers Small Business Finance

Lehman Brothers Small Business Finance, is one of the fastest commercial loan providers in the industry. This company follows a very simple and customer-friendly process in approving small business loans. The client may need a small amount or may need huge financial assistance to start or expand the business, the company is always there to take care of the financial details which can relieve the customer’s tension.
Whenever a business owner needs financial assistance, Lehman Brothers Small Business Finance company is always there. This company has actually changed the whole concept of small business loans because these loans are easier to afford, and the interest rates are also very attractive.

These loans are approved within five business days and are absolutely free from any kind of over documentation or hidden conditions. The company used to issue loan commitment letters instead of letters of interest or intent.

Another attractive feature of these loans are that the personal situation of the client is considered by the specialists before designing the loan. The monthly re- payment can be modified if the situation demands so and even the client can ask for extra cash whenever required.
After receiving the completed loan package, the company’s motto is to settle transactions within thirty business days. The origination costs determined by the company are lower than many financing organizations. There is no need to provide any kind of affiliate company guarantees, except in few cases, to get the loan. 90 % loan-to-value financing, and loan amount up to $5,000,000 and sometimes,even more is offered. The loan durations can be very long which can reduce the monthly installments and can relieve the pressure to some extent. Again, the client can determine himself / herself, what would be the lease payment for the respective business.

To contact for loan inquiries:

Corporate Headquarters
25510 Commerce Centre Drive, Suite 100
Lake Forest, CA 92630

For all inquiries please contact

For new loans
Please call (800)440-9155

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