ATX Index

The ATX Index is the most important stock index in Austria. This is also the most closely checked index in Vienna Stock Exchange, which is one of the most important stock exchanges in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
Austrian traded index or better known as ATX is owned by Austrian Futures and Options Exchange. The ATX index is the price index of the 20 consisting stocks. When the Austrian Futures and Options Exchange was established, the ATX index was made to represent the indices of the Austrian share market.

The ATX index mainly constituted to fulfill the operative and descriptive functions of the stock market. The ATX index functions as an aggregate market indicator. It documents the price dynamic constant of that part of the Austrian stock market, which is the most liquid in nature.

The liquid segment of the Austrian stock market generally comprises of the 77% of the total market turnover and 52% of the total market capitalization in Austria.
Underlying for the futures and options contracts is another service done by the ATX index. The ATX index makes the centre of the ATX- family of indexes established in 1995. The other participants of this newly established ATX-family are – ATX 50, ATX 50 Performance Index and ATX-MidCap.

Considering the principle of construction, the ATX refers to the capitalization weighted value ratios. The market capitalization is actually corrected by the free-float factor. The free float factor ensures that the weight of a particular title in the ATX represents to that amount, which is available for public trading.

The index sample selection for ATX primarily depends on the following factors:

  • Free floating capital
  • Market capitalization
  • Liquidity

The eligible stocks in the ATX index must belong to those companies with the largest market capitalization on the Vienna Stock Exchange. All the stocks, which are included in the ATX index, must also be listed in the official market segment of the continuously traded stocks. In order to be included in the ATX index, a sufficiently large free floating capital is required.

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Last Updated on : 23rd June 2015

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