Taxation Finance Attorney

A taxation finance attorney or finance tax attorney provides legal services related to financial taxation. He carries specialized knowledge regarding tax codes and taxation laws. Taxation finance attorney helps individuals for tax planning in order to minimize their tax burden.
They provide valuable advices regarding tax planning and taxation laws in order to bid court representation of their clients. Penalties related to taxation law violation can lead to civil penalties or criminal penalties. The professional advices given by the taxation finance attorney are helpful for saving money and minimizing the tax liability in a legitimate manner.

The finance tax attorney provides information to their clients whether they are eligible for any rebates or exemptions or not. They give their clients the idea about how to file a tax return in the most sensible manner.

They have a fair bit of idea regarding the various state and federal taxation laws and the recent amendments in those laws. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the government agency for collection of taxes in the United States.
They are very strict in their functions and do not allow any excuses in terms of ignorances. If an individual is unable to understand the complicated tax codes, it is better he seeks the services of a good taxation finance attorney. If an individual gets involved in a quandary and a court representation is necessary, the finance tax attorney will negotiate with the IRS on behalf of that client. Their duty is to minimize their client’s penalties or fines by way of settlements should he be found guilty in a court judgment.

The different services provided by the taxation finance attorney include the following:
Services related to compromise settlements
Installment agreements and payment plan negotiations
Tax relief for tax debt, back taxes, and un-filed tax returns
Tax attorney help for civil and criminal fraud audit examinations
Tax lien removal, subordination, withdrawal, and discharge
Tax levies, wage and bank garnishments removal
Penalty and interest abatement, innocent spouse relief
Tax attorney representation – appeals and litigation
Payroll tax help and trust fund recovery penalty relief
It is advisable that one should go for a finance tax attorney who has a Master’s of Law degree in taxation because this is the minimum requirement. This is also known as LLM in taxation. This indicates that the individual has been studying taxation laws for a period of not less than one year.

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