European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the financing institution of the European Union. It was created as the long-term lending bank of the European Union by the Treaty of Rome in 1958. The major tasks of the bank are to encourage balanced development and integration among the EU Member States.
The European Investment Bank collects funds from the capital markets and then lends to those projects that promote the EU policy objectives even further. The various domains in which the EIB is functional are regional development, telecommunications and energy, Trans-European Networks of transport, research, health and education and environmental improvement and protection.

The EIB Group is made up of the European Investment Fund (EIF) and European Investment Bank and the EIB and EIF work hand in hand with each other in order to support the small and the medium sized enterprises.

The European Investment Bank provides loans for the long term and large capital investment projects.

The three major services offered by the European Investment Bank are the following:


EIB offers loans to the capital spending programs that are executable and in this process, EIB provides loans for both private and public sectors. The clients of EIB are � large corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and municipalities.


EIB provides both standard guarantee and debt service guarantee within the European Union. These guarantees are available for banks, guarantee institutions, leasing companies and mutual guarantee funds.

Technical Assistance

The European Investment Bank offers a number of financial support and technical assistance facilities to its counterparties. Depending on the geographical constraints, the type of the technical assistance or support may vary.

The European Investment Bank finances various projects in order to promote the objectives of the European Union. EIB is one of the largest borrowers in the international capital markets of the world. It offers numerous bonds and commercial paper products to its clients. The infoCentre of EIB provides an easy access to the news, events, press and publications regarding EIB.

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