RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets is a division of the Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Capital Markets is providing services in 75 countries and operating through 75 offices all over the world with the help of about 3,700 employees. The asset value of RBC is nearly US$ 554.2 billion. RBC Capital Markets is providing services in North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Products offered by RBC Capital Markets

Foreign Exchange
Corporate Banking
Base Metals Sales and Trading
Structured Notes

Services provided by RBC Capital Markets

Investment Banking
Risk Management
RBC Capital Partners
RBC Public Fund Services
Hedge Fund Services
Alternative Assets
Asset Based Lending
Apollo Equity Partners
National Client Group
Futures Services
The investment services provided by the RBC Capital Markets are further divided in several other divisions. These are corporate finance, merger and acquisitions, investment services, income trust group, equity capital markets, leveraged finance, syndicated finance and many more. Some of these services are discussed below:

As an investment bank, RBC Capital Markets offers corporate finance solutions to the clients. The main function of the bank is to create and develop good relationship among the clients and the government entities. On the other hand, the clients are also provided with advices regarding the plans and programs of obtaining their financial goals.

The investment services form an important part of investment banking. RBC Capital Markets provides these services to the clients like the corporate executives, venture capitalists and some selected individuals. The investment team of the bank provides professional assistance for asset management, financial planning, tax management, estate planning, venture capital management and distribution and many more. The team also provides support for stock trading.

RBC Public Fund Services is provided by RBC Capital Markets in collaboration with Voyageur Asset Management Inc. These investment solutions are designed for the public funds of US.

Following are some of the investment solutions designed by the bank:

Registered Money Market Funds
Transaction Based Services
Local Government Investment Pools
Structured Investment Products

Contact Details

Royal Bank Plaza
200 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5J 2W7
Tel: (416) 842-2000
Suite 220, One Little Falls Center
2711 Centerville Road
Wilimington DE, USA
Tel: (302) 892-5901


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