Trust Investment Bank

Trust Investment Bank Overview
Trust Investment Bank was established in the year 1994. Trust Investment Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Russia that offers corporate finance and investment services. The main point of focus for TRUST Investment Bank is the investment business.

TRUST Investment Bank Groups

TRUST Investment Bank offers its services through the following groups:

Asset Management
Securities Group
Capital Markets Group
Corporate Finance Group
Treasury Group
Coverage Group
TRUST Investment Bank Securities Group

The Securities Group of TRUST Investment Bank provides the following products:
Fixed Income

TRUST Investment Bank Corporate Finance Group
The Corporate Finance Group of TRUST Investment Bank offers its clients excellent corporate finance services.

The Corporate Finance Group also plays the following roles:
Portfolio Investor
Bank with Customer Representation Features
Exclusive Financial Advisor
The Corporate Finance Group of TRUST Investment Bank also provides business and financial solutions.
TRUST Investment Bank Asset Management

The Asset Management group of TRUST Investment Bank provides the following products
Private Equity Fund
|Trust Hedge Fund

TRUST Investment Bank Capital Markets Group

The Debt Products Department of the Capital Markets Group of TRUST Investment Bank offers its clients the following debt financing services:

Subsequent analytical support during the debt instrument s circulation period
Development of optimal issue parameters and structure, preparation of issue documents for ruble instruments and the necessary documentation for organizing credit linked notes (CLNs)
Pre-marketing and demand generation for the issue, creation of a syndicate for the placement
Structured finance transactions for issuers in advance of debt instrument placements, including bridge loans, lines of credit and others
Issue placement for the primary holders and transfer of placement revenues to the issuer
Preparation of presentation materials, including full analytical support for the upcoming issue and PR material


TRUST Investment Bank Coverage Group
The Coverage Group of TRUST Investment Bank strives to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of services and products related to investment banking.
TRUST Investment Bank Treasury Group

The Treasury Group of TRUST Investment Bank offers the following services:
FOREX Transactions
Derivatives Transactions
Money Market Transactions

Contact Details of TRUST Investment Bank:
Head Office
26 Ulansky Lane, Moscow, 107045, Russia
Phone, fax: +7 (495) 647-25-83
Telex: 414687 TIBK RU

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