Altura Credit Union

Altura Credit Union is one of the largest and most popular credit unions in the USA. The Board of Directors comprised of CEO of Altura Credit Union, Mark Hawkins and community volunteers regulates the functionality of the union. The five core principles that make the base for the business are � integrity, respect, passion, excellence and innovation.
The Altura credit union offers a warm service and tries to retain a human touch in their service. The union gives great emphasis on the power of technology and offers excellent online services. The union makes it a point to ensure a warm and positive Altura Credit Union experience to its members.

The code of ethics of Altura Credit Union specifies some responsibilities towards its members. The union is committed to provide a high level of personal financial services to the members while treating all individuals without regard to religion, race, national origin, sex or social or economic level. It also makes it a point to provide consumer loans service at a lower cost. The union encourages the members for thrift and savings.
Practicing high standards of management with efficiency and integrity is also another code maintained by the union. The union also adheres to cooperative and democratic principles within the union while encouraging the members to participate in the democratic process.
The union protects the confidentiality and privacy of the financial records and transactions made by the members. The union also provides the members with accurate information on operations, financial conditions and services of the credit union.

Altura Credit Union was established in 1998 as a result of the merging of two credit unions – Riverside County Schools Credit Union and Riverside County Federal Credit Union. The history of Altura Credit Union is rich with 50 years tradition of serving people. The affiliates of Altura Credit Union are – Patrion Mortgage, LLC, Patrion Insurance Services and Auto Expert.

The Patrion Mortgage, LLC is one of the most respected subsidiaries of the union. Through this, the members of the union are exposed to the varied options of home purchase.

The Patrion Insurance Services is the brokerage that represents more than 40 insurance companies.

Auto Expert is the subsidiary of Altura Credit Union and handles its purchasing service. The members of the union give vehicle specifications of their new or pre-owned vehicle to Auto Expert Advisors and the Auto Expert starts to work.
Contact Details of Altura Credit Union
Altura Credit Union
2847 Campus Parkway
Riverside, Ca 92507

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