America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union (AFCU) is one the leading credit unions in Utah. It is headquartered in Ogden, Utah. The America First Credit Union is the 13th largest credit union in the USA according to assets. The union has 418,515 members and the estimated asset of the union is US$3.68 billion.
The America First Credit Union follows the community charter membership rules according to which anyone who lives, works, conducts business, volunteers or attends school in Salt Lake County can be a member of the union. The same regulation is also applicable to people staying within the 12 mile radius of the Mesquite, Nevada, Post Office.

The America First Credit Union offers a number of products and services. Here’s a list of the products and services by America First Credit Union:

AccountSavings Account

Checking Account
Trust Services
Health Savings Account


Home Loans
Auto Loans
RV Loans
Personal Loans
Consolidation Loans
Student Loans


Visa Checking Cards
Visa Credit Cards
Visa Cards for Business
Visa Gift Cards

Electronic Services

Online Resources
Online Advisor

Business Services

Business Accounts
Business Lending

The mission of America First Credit Union is to provide personal financial services to the members and owners of the union. The financial development of the members is the prime concern of the union. The union desires to be the primary financial institution of its members and for that the union uses technology to support the functionality of the institute. The AFCU needs to remain financially sound in order to offer quality services to the members and hence capital reserves, adequate operating controls and liquidity are always maintained properly.

To be eligible for membership in America First Credit Union, the individuals need to have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN). In addition to that the individuals also must purchase and maintain at least one share as per the Credit Union Bylaws. The union is authorized to check the account, employment history and credit history of the individuals to verify the eligibility for the accounts in the union. The union also collects credit reports of the individuals from third parties, including credit reporting agencies.

The individual account of the union is owned by one depositor, which may be any individual, partnership, corporation or trust that is qualified to have a membership in the union. The join accounts offered by the AFCU are owned by two or more persons.
Contact Details of America First Credit Union
America First Credit Union
PO Box 9199, Ogden
Utah 84409, 1-800-999-3961

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