Amoco Federal Credit Union

Amoco Federal Credit Union (AFCU) is a financial cooperative providing member-owners with banking services in 7 branches in southeast Texas.

Formed in 1937 in the wake of the Great Depression to give members an option beyond the corporate banks, some 169 people got AFCU started with $28,000 in assets. Known at that time as the Pan Am Employees Federal Credit Union, it served the Pan American Refining Company there in Texas City for a decade before opening membership to workers at the nearby AMOCO Chemicals plant.

Over the decades, eligibility has expanded to include employees at 250 other companies in the Houston area. Though the name has changed (AMOCO now means A Member Owned Cooperative Organization), people are still attracted to the customer-focused service provided by the staff.

Products and Services:
The following products and services are being offered by the credit union:
Free and Interest-bearing Checking
Savings Accounts and Money Markets
Mortgages, Vehicle, and Personal Loans
Online and Mobile Banking
Credit Cards
Retirement Accounts and Investment Planning

Organizational Structure:
An elected Board of Directors works in conjunction with a team of hired executives and an appointed three-person Supervisory Committee to ensure AFCU stays healthy financially while providing for its accountholders� needs. This seven-person group of volunteers is keenly aware of the importance each member-shareholder has, which is why the number of people that choose to do business with the institution continues to grow � it�s now more than 59,000. Thanks to this service mentality, AFCU now manages more than $543 million in assets.
If you would like to know more about Amoco Federal Credit Union, inquire by phone or mail at:
Amoco Federal Credit Union
PO Box 889
Texas City, TX 77592-0889
Toll Free: (800) 231-6053
Local: (409) 948-8541

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