Apple Federal Credit Union

Apple Federal Credit Union (AFCU) is entirely owned by its members in the area surrounding its 21 branches in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.

Historic Background:
A group of ten teachers affiliated with the Fairfax County Public Schools did a remarkable thing in 1956: they pooled their money to help a colleague purchase tires for the car. The roots of AFCU can be traced to this simple act of kindness and, after more than five decades in business, the organization has expanded to serve thousands of members in a variety of professions and their families. And, perhaps owing in part to its background in the school system, AFCU continues to emphasize financial education for members of all ages.

Products and Services:
The following products and services are being offered by the credit union:
Free Checking
Interest-bearing Checking Accounts
Online Banking Services
Vehichle Loans
Home Lending
Credit Cards
Commercial Loans and Business Services
Financial Counseling

Organizational Structure:
Much like other institutions in the credit union system, AFCU is governed by a board of directors elected in part by its members. This eleven-person committee includes executives that oversee day-to-day operations and six individuals chosen by accountholders during an annual vote. This group makes the decisions that help the organization continue to fulfill its vision of being the “premier financial institution serving the educational community” in every interaction, every day.

In addition, a five-person supervisory committee meets to keep tabs on the directors decisions for the management of AFCU’s $1.3 billion in assets.
Contact Details:
If you would like to know more about Apple Federal Credit Union, inquire by phone or mail at:
Apple Federal Credit Union
PO Box 1200
Fairfax, VA 22038-1200
Toll Free: (800) 666-7996
Local: (703) 788-4800

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