ASI Federal Credit Union

ASI Federal Credit Union was established in 1961 in the state of Louisiana. The ASI Federal Credit Union is dedicated to the economic development of the members of the union. The union also provides financial services that are cost efficient and member focused.
The union offers a number of financial services and products designed to improve the financial status of the members. If the services are categorized, then the categories of services by the union are � personal services, business services, online services and automobile services.

Having an ASI savings account can be a wise investment. The minimum balance requirement for a savings account is US$5. The union has fourteen branches and twenty one ATM locations that make its members to access their account anytime and anywhere.

The other personal services by ASI Federal Credit Union are:

Safety Deposit Box
Financial Fitness Program
Member Financial Networks
Financial Calculator
Loan Application
Online Insurance
Service for Lost or Stolen Cards
Wiring Instructions
Mensaje Cash Back Visa

The ASI Federal Credit Union has a number of business products, loans and services with its fourteen branches. The union offers business solutions for both the big and small businesses.

The business services by ASI Federal Credit Union are:

Employee Direct Deposit
Merchant Credit Card Processing Service
Federal Tax Depository
Business Loan Application
The online services by ASI Federal Credit Union are:

EASI (Online Banking)
ATM Card
DASI (Telephone Account Access)
Bill Payment
Payroll Deductions
Direct Deposit
Check Ordering
Application for Membership
Car Pricing Guide
Members Auto and Home Insurance
The automobile services by ASI Federal Credit Union are:

Auto offered by ASI
Auto Buying Tips
Instant MBP Quote
Contact Details of ASI Federal Credit Union

ASI Federal Credit Union
5508 Citrus Blvd.
Harahan, Louisiana 70123

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