Credit Unions of Canada

Credit Unions of Canada Overview
The credit unions of Canada are an integral part of the monetary services sector of Canada. The excellent services of the credit unions of Canada has strengthened the financial position of the Canadian financial sector.

Credit Unions of Canada Facts
In the year 2001 there were 681 credit unions in Canada. There has been a tendency of consolidation among the credit unions of Canada. This has led to a decrease in the number of credit unions in Canada in the recent years. Simultaneously, the mean asset size of these credit unions has become better than before.

More than 33% of the Canadians have been availing the services of the credit unions of Canada. The province of Saskatchewan has almost three-fifths of the credit unions of Canada.

Credit Unions of Canada Organizational Structure
The credit unions of Canada are basically co-operative monetary organizations. That means, the members retain the ownership and control of the credit unions. In order to avail the services of the credit unions, one has to become a member of these credit unions.

Credit Unions of Canada Financial Services
The credit unions of Canada have always tried to provide their members with the best possible financial services. They have always tried to introduce newer products and refurbish their existing ones in an effort to help address the unique problems of their clients.

Top Credit Unions of Canada
Following is a list of the credit unions of Canada, their locations and their total assets:

Name Assets Location
HEPCOE Credit Union Limited $1,057 Ontario
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union $6,368 British Columbia
Community Credit Union $1,266 Alberta
Coast Capital Savings $3,359 British Columbia
Niagara Credit Union Limited $1,235 Ontario
Surrey Metro Savings $2,697 British Columbia
Credit Society Limited $1,109 Ontario
Envision Financial $1,675 British Columbia
Steinbach Credit Union $1,060 Manitoba
Capital City Savings and Credit Union Limited $1,450 Alberta


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