Citysave Credit Union

The Citysave Credit Union is functioning as a financial cooperative. This Credit Union is administered by the members of the institution. The institution is a member of the Association of British Credit Unions. The members of the Citysave Credit Union is provided with a number of financial facilities by the financial institution.
Savings and loans are two main products that are designed for the members. The membership is provided to all those who are residing in Birmingham. Anyone from the family of the Citysave Credit Union members are entitled to get the membership of this Credit Union.

The members of the Citysave Credit Union are provided with a number of services. Free life insurance policies are provided to every member of the Credit Union. At the same time, full family membership is offered to the existing member. On the other hand, whenever an existing member is introducing any new member, he or she is entitled for a bonus.
Several loans are designed for the members. The loans are designed with flexibility in terms of interest rate and repayment program. Again, there is no pre-payment fine is added with the loan programs.
Several savings accounts are provided by the bank for different purposes. A member is also entitled for yearly dividend. To avail all these facilities, a member must save a minimum of �4.00 every week and it must be �17.00 every month.

The investment in the Citysave Credit Union is totally safe and there are several reasons of this. The institution is authorized by FSA for providing the financial services. For the protection of the clients, the institution provides personal password and the accounts can be accessed only by these passwords. Additional insurance is provided for the savings but no additional charges are imposed on the clients. Again, the annual audits are done at a regular basis and the reports are available for every one. Contact Details Citysave Credit Union
Postal Address: 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham
Postcode: B2 5UG
Phone: 0121 303 4013 & 4075
Fax: 0121 303 1329

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Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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