Lafleche Credit Union

Lafleche Credit Union Ltd. was founded in 1938. The Credit Union operates through its branches located in Lafleche and Glentworth. The policies of the Credit Union are decided by the board of directors. The Lafleche Credit Union Ltd. has assets of nearly $40 million.
The Credit Union offers several services to the members including savings, loans, ATMs and internet banking. The Lafleche Credit Union also provides financial planning services to the members. The savings and other forms of investment that are done by the members are used as funds. These funds are used by the Lafleche Credit Union for providing loans to the members.

At the same time, the profits made by the Credit Union through the interest paid by the members for several loans, are also divided among the members in form of dividend. The services of the Credit Union is designed exclusively for the members. By purchasing a $5.00 share in the Credit Union, one can get the membership of the Lafleche Credit Union.
Products and services of the Lafleche Credit Union are as follows:
Deposit services: The Lafleche Credit Union has designed a number of deposit services for the members.
The depository services of the credit union is not only promoting the habit of savings for the future, but also making full use of the funds for the development of the community.

The services like Term Deposits, Ethical Funds , RRSP, RRIF, RESP, NISA/CAIS are providing financial assistance to the community. Several savings accounts are provided for the purpose of deposit. These are as follows:

Chequing Accounts
Youth Accounts
HeadStart Youth Account
FatCat Youth Account
Savings Accounts

The lending and insurance services: Lafleche Credit Union provides several types of loan for the members. These loans are provided with very low interest rates and easy repayment plans. These loans are providing the necessary financial assistance for the development of the community. The Lafleche Credit Union also provides several insurance products for the members. The various loan and insurance products of the Credit Union are as follows:

Personal loans
Commercial lending products
Agricultural lending products
Personal line of credit
Student loans
Community Development loans
“Take 10” RRSP loan
Residential Mortgages
Members Term Life Insurance
Credit Life Insurance
Credit Disability Insurance
Contact Details

Lafleche Credit Union
105 Main Street
Lafleche, Saskatchewan
S0H 2K0
Phone:(306) 472-5215
(306) 472-5509

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