Landmark Credit Union

The hallmark of a credit union is the cooperative nature � members are more like investors than merely people that make deposits and withdrawals.
Landmark Credit Union (LCU) in southeastern Wisconsin is no different and, having been in business since 1933, it has a well-earned reputation for excellent relationships with its member-owners. The organization�s longevity can be tied directly to its commitment to excellent interest rates, minimal banking fees, and attention to the needs of the community it serves.
Company Profile:
Begun by a small group of employees from Rex Chainbelt Company almost seven decades ago as Rex #2 Credit Union, the organization has now spread across nine counties surrounding Milwaukee.

As time has passed, the group has changed names three times and expanded its portfolio of products and services to include much more than just savings and checking accounts.
When you step into one of the 20 branches, you will find options for your home, car, and business, as well as wealth management services to help secure your financial future.

Products and Services:
The following products and services are being offered by the credit union:

Free Checking
Deposit Accounts
Home Lending
Auto Loans
Credit Cards
Health Savings Accounts
Business Services

Organizational Structure:
Thanks to the broad number of options available to its member-owners, LCU has grown to include over 170,000 people and was recently named one of the most valuable brands among large credit unions by Bancography � a reflection of the results produced in relation to member costs.

President Jay Magulski oversees a group of 449 employees that manage mover $1.7 billion in assets. As the head of the organization, he continues the tradition of educating members and associates about the importance of personal relationships, not to mention the importance of communicating needs effectively when money is on the line. It all comes down to LCU fulfilling the promise it makes to its member-owners: �You�re worth more here.�
Contact Details:
If you would like to learn more about Landmark Credit Union by mail or phone, inquire at:
Landmark Credit Union
PO Box 510870
New Berlin, WI 53151-0870
Toll Free: (800) 871-2110
Local: (262) 796-4500

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