LOC Federal Credit Union

LOC Federal Credit Union was founded in 1950 to serve the counties of SW Oakland and Livingston. The Credit union was established to provide easy finance to the members of the Organization. The members of LOC Federal Credit Union owns the organization and it is regulated by a body selected by the members.
The assets value of the organization is more than $100 million. Apart from providing the traditional Credit Union services, the LOC Federal Credit Union is also involved in establishing and maintaining Student Credit Unions.
The main aim of the Credit Union is to provide financial services to the members at affordable rates.

Products and services of LOC Federal Credit Union

Direct Deposit
Youth Accounts
Investment Center
ATM & CheckCard
CD’s, IRA’s
ACH Services

The savings programs of the LOC Federal Credit Union are designed to provide the members with the opportunity to save money for the future and also to get good interests on the savings. Different people needs different savings plan and so the Credit Union has created different types of accounts and programs. All these savings are fully secured by insurance. Some of the popular programs are the following:

Regular Savings
Vacation Account

LOC Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of loans to the members. These customized loan products are provided for a different purposes. The interest rates are very competitive and are lower than the existing market rate. The loans are offered with flexible repayment plans. Some of the loan products are the following:

Auto Loans
Line of Credit
Mortgage Loans
Holiday Loans
Home Equity Loans
Boat Loans
RV Loans
Motorcycle Loans
Summer Loan
Credit Card

The mortgages are provided with different types of interest plans like fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage. There are several types of mortgages like refinance mortgage, reverse mortgage, vacant land loan sand many more. At the same time, there are several credit cards provided by the LOC Federal Credit Union that helps the member to get easy cash whenever there is a need.

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