Scotwest Credit Union

Scotwest Credit Union is among the largest Credit Unions of United Kingdom. It was founded in 1991. The Scotwest Credit Union offers a number of services to all those who are residing in the western part of Scotland. The membership of the Credit Union is provided as an employee benefit service by the organizations that are working in the region.
Apart from these programs, the membership of the Credit Union is available for others. The administration of the Credit Union is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected for a certain term. The aim of the Credit Union is to become the best financial institution that would provide customized savings and borrowing options.

Scotwest Credit Union has designed a number of services for the members. The services of the Credit Union includes several loans, savings accounts and many more. Some of the services are as follows:

Savings with Scotwest Credit Union:
Various savings accounts are designed to provide customized services to the members. The automatic payroll deduction service provided by the bank is very useful because the necessary deductions are done from the salaries or the debits through an easy process and the members face no problems.
On the other hand, the savings accounts are easily accessible. For the purpose, the Scotwest Credit Union provides online-banking, postal-banking and phone-banking services to the customers.
Current Accounts of Scotwest Credit Union:
The current accounts of the Scotwest Credit Union offers a number of services to the members and that is also with added flexibility. The members of the Credit Union can draw the salary and all other financial benefits directly through these accounts. The Credit Union also provides the debit card and ATM facilities to the members. It also offers direct debit, fund transfer and several other services. The charges of the bank are very normal.
Loan services of Scotwest Credit Union:
The personal loans designed by the Scotwest Credit Union are meant to provide best services to the members. The interest rates and repayment plans of the personal loans are designed with flexibility. The loan protection insurance is also provided along with the personal loan. On the other hand, the mortgage and other loans that are offered by the Scotwest Credit Union are also provided with the same amount of flexibility and transparency. These loans are provided for a maximum period of 25 years.
Contact Details
Scotwest Credit Union
13 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB
Tel: 0845 634 7634 / 0141 227 2390
Fax: 0845 634 5511

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