SCVO Credit Union

The SCVO Credit Union or Scottish Council for Voluntary Organizations, has an age old history. The initiatives of setting such a credit union was started in 1939. Till 1986, the Credit Union worked with different names. From 1986, it is known as SCVO. SCVO Credit Union is working with a definite plan and the objective.
The prime motive of the Credit Union is to develop a strong sector of voluntary organizations. For the purpose, the SCVO Credit Union is trying to provide as much funding as possible to the organizations. On the other hand, the Credit Union also aims at providing good public services and is trying its best to develop interaction between society and the voluntary organizations of different nature.

The SCVO Credit Union encourages their members for saving money. This money is then used for providing loans of different nature to the members. Along with these products, the credit Union provides several other services.

Some of these services are as follows:
Training services of SCVO Credit Union:
The training services offered by the credit union includes several subjects that includes information technology, personal development, governance, and many more.

SCVO Credit Union Office Services:
several office services are offered by the Credit Union. Some of these are the payroll services, banking and recruitment services and many more.
Member Services of SCVO Credit Union:
The members of the Credit Union are provided with several services that includes networking facilities, latest information on different topics. On the other hand a number of products with special discounts are designed exclusively for the members of the Credit Union.
SCVO Credit Union Consultancy Services:
This service is available for organizations related to the voluntary, private and public sectors. The Credit Union provides discounts on the fees for all the members and the clients from the voluntary sector.
Contact Details
SCVO Credit Union Limited
Mansfield Traquair Centre
15 Mansfield Place
Tel: 0131 474 8003
Fax 0131 557 9524

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