South Carolina Federal Credit Union

South Carolina Federal Credit Union (SCFCU) is a financial cooperative regulated by the federal government while adhering to the principles of the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) to provide personalized, friendly banking services to the communities it serves.

What today is SCFCU once rose out of the naval shipyards along the Atlantic coast in Charleston. In 1936, 14 employees invested in creating a different option for the financial needs of their coworkers.

Across eight decades, the organization had grown to include thousands of members from all walks of life and their families while expanding to 23 branches in nine South Carolina continues that adds up to more than 156,000 members.

Products and Services:
The following products and services are being offered by the credit union:

Personal Checking and Savings
Business Accounts and Credit Services
Online Banking
Mortgages and Personal Lending
Credit and Gift Cards
Wealth Management
Individual and Property Insurance
Youth Financial Education

Organizational Structure:
Seven elected members serve the SCFCU Board of Directors on a volunteer basis, creating a vision for the continued expansion of the institution to ensure members have the most complete package of options possible to secure their financial future. Further, a Supervisory Committee tracks the health of the group as a whole, making recommendations for policies to increase assets  which total more than $1.4 billion  and member value. The decisions made by the board are carried out by a group of executives led by the President and CEO.
Contact Details:
If you would like to know more about South Carolina Federal Credit Union, inquire by phone or mail at:
South Carolina Federal Credit Union
PO Box 190012
North Charleston, SC 29419-9012
Toll Free: (800) 845-0432
Local: (843) 797-8300

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