Southland Credit Union

Southland Credit Union Overview
The Southland Credit Union was incorporated in the year 1936. At present, the Southland Credit Union is one of the most highly regarded credit unions of the United States of America. The Southland Credit Union have assets, that are worth more than 390 million.

Southland Credit Union Products and Services
The Southland Credit Union offers its members a wide range of products and services, that have been designed, keeping in mind the various needs of the members.

The products and services of the Southland Credit Union can be mentioned as below:

Application & Forms
Investment Services
Business Services
Checking Accounts
Online Calculators
Debit/Credit Cards
Quickline (24/7 Automated Teller)
Direct Deposits & Payroll Deduction
Savings and Investments
Identity Theft Recovery Insurance
Vehicle Services
Insurance & Health Services

< h3>Southland Credit Union Business Services
The Southland Credit Union offers a whole range of business services for their members. Following are the basic business services, offered by the Southland Credit Union:

Business Loans
Savings & Investments
Checking Accounts
Financial Planning Services

Southland Credit Union Debit/Credit Cards
The Southland Credit Union offers its members a number of debit/credit cards for their benefit. The following debit/credit cards are offered by the Southland Credit Union:

Visa Check/Debit Card
WorldPoints Visa Credit Card
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card

Southland Credit Union Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction
The Southland Credit Union offers Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction services for its members. Following are the main advantages of the Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction service, provided by the Southland Credit Union:

Ensure timely loan payments
Earn dividends the same day you’re paid
Access funds through checking, Quickline, ATM, eBranch, phone or mail
Receive a .25% loan rate reduction (selected loans) with automatic loan payments
Establish a systematic savings plan (for college tuition, home improvement, retirement, etc.)
Have no worries over lost or stolen checks

Southland Credit Union Loans
The Southland Credit Union provides its members with the following loan options:

Personal Loans
Auto & Recreational Vehicle Loans
Home Loans


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