Strabane Credit Union

Strabane Credit Union was established in 1964 to serve the community and help them in meeting their financial needs. The Strabane Credit Union is concerned with creating easy credit opportunities for the members and at the same time, it is also helping the members to save money for their future.

For the purpose, the Strabane Credit Union has designed a number of financial products like loans and savings services for the members. The institution has 9,200 members at present. Along with these, there are some 1,600 adolescent savers. The amount of savings in the Strabane Credit Union is more than 21 million. The loans provided by the Credit Union is more than 14 million.

Strabane Credit Union has designed a number of products for the members of the Credit Union. There are non-sense loans, honest loans, insurance services and savings accounts. The savings accounts are the prime source of generating funds for the Credit Union. These funds are used for providing loans to the members of the Strabane Credit Union. On the other hand, the savings accounts are also very helpful in promoting the habit of savings among the community.

On the other hand, several loans are provided by the Strabane Credit Union. These loans are designed exclusively for the members of the Credit Union. These loans are provided with very low interest rates and the repayment program of these loans are also very flexible. On the other hand, the approval of these loans are also easier than the loans provided by other financial institutions.

The Strabane Credit Union also provides a number of insurances for the members. The insurance designed by the Credit Union provides coverage for all the risks that are related to the loan amount. If any of the member who has taken a loan, becomes victim of any kind of misfortune the loan insurance is there to repay the amount to the Credit Union. At the same time, the institution also provides some other insurance products like the life insurances and the death benefit insurances.
Contact Details

Strabane Credit Union Limited
13-15 Bowling Green
County Tyrone
BT82 8BW
Phone: +44 (0)28 7138 2631
Fax: +44 (0)28 7138 3278


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