USC Credit Union

The USC Credit Union was the only credit union to have its headquarters in the campus of the university of California. The Credit union was established in 1973. The organization provides services to more than 52,000 members. It is a natural person credit union that has the charter from the state.
The USC Credit Union is owned by the members of the organization. The members of the credit union share the profits of the organization and at the same time, the members are also entitled for financial assistance at reasonably low rates. The members of the USC Credit Union are provided with products and services like checking accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, different loans and many more.

The USC Credit Union provides a number of loans to the members. These customized loans are provided for many purposes and the members can afford to do a lot of things with these loans because the interest rates on these loans are probably the lowest in the market.
Some of the loan options of USC Credit Union are as follows:
Auto loans
Secured Loans
Unsecured Loans
Home Loans
Auto Refinance Loans
Education Loans
Small Business Loan
Computer Loans

On the other hand, the USC Credit Union also offers credit and debit card products. The credit cards are the ready sources of credit. The members of USC Credit Union can use the card in any kind of financial crisis but more than that , the credit cards offered by USC Credit Union are very helpful for day-to-day transactions.

On the other hand, the savings facilities of USC Credit Union offer the members with the opportunity of saving money for future and earning high rate of interest on the deposits. At the same time, the credit union also offers several investment options. All these investments are insured and so the investments in USC Credit Union are secured. Some other products of USC Credit Union are Share Certificates, IRA and many more.
Contact Details
USC Credit Union
P. O. Box 512718
Los Angeles, CA 90051
Phone (213)821-7100

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