Westminister Savings Credit Union

Westminister Savings Credit Union was established in 1992. It is second largest credit Union of Canada with almost 51,000 members and assets worth $1.4 billion. The Westminister Savings Credit Union operates through ten retail branches and three subsidiaries.
It is providing full financial services to the community and offers net and phone banking services to the customers. The Westminister Savings Credit Union is determined to provide the members with the opportunity to grow steadily.

The Credit Union provides several products and services to the members. Some of these services are as follows:
Personal Accounts and Services of Westminister Savings Credit Union
The personal day-to-day banking services of the Credit Union are designed for a number of purposes. The Credit union offers a wide range of accounts for the purpose.
These accounts are very useful for making savings. The members get good interest rate for the money kept in the savings accounts. On the other hand, there are there are, the Westminister Savings Credit Union also offers credit cards to provide additional financial flexibility to the members.

The accounts and other services are as follows:

Savings Accounts
Chequing Accounts
Credit Cards
Safety Deposit Boxes
Traveller’s Cheques
Foreign Exchange
Loans and Mortgages Westminister Savings Credit Union
Customized loans and mortgages are provided for different purposes. Flexibility and low interest rates are the two most significant feature of these loans. The repayment option of these loans are easier than the other loan products available in the market. The Credit Union is related to these lending activities for the last 50 years. The products designed for the purpose are the following:

Personal Loans
RRSP Loans
Lines cof Credit

Investment Tools of Westminister Savings Credit Union
The credit union offers the opportunity of investment for the future. The investment plans of the Westminister Savings Credit Union offers security and steady growth of the money. These plans are designed to encourage the investors to invest for a lot of purposes like children’s education, post-retirement and many more. Some of the investment plans are as follows:

Term Deposits
Mutual Funds


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