White Rose Credit Union

The White Rose Credit Union was founded in 1997. It started working as an institution exclusively for the Wakefield Metropolitan District Council and West Yorkshire Police. At present, the White Rose Credit Union has some 2600 members and is it is providing services to the whole district.
The turnover of the Credit Union is nearly �5 million every year. The White Rose Credit Union provides a wide range of services to the members. The institution provides savings programs, insurance policies, loans and many more. The White Rose Credit Union is administered by the members only.

This Credit Union is affiliated to the Association of British Credit Unions and has the recognition of the FSA (regulatory body). The White Rose Credit Union provides a number of service to the members. Some of these services are as follows:

The bank offers several savings services to the members. The members are required to save a minimum of �1 every week or �5 every month. For the purpose, the members are provided with a Giro swipe Card that makes the savings process very easy.

On the other hand, there are several organizations that offers payroll deduction. In such cases, the deductions are done by the Credit Union itself. The member in such cases must save �3 every week or �13 in a month.

A wide range of savings accounts are offered by the White Rose Credit Union for a number of purposes. These are Share Accounts, Young Savers Account, Saver Account, Loan Account and many more. The Share Account is the main account of the member and the minimum savings should be done here. The loan accounts are provided for the loan programs. On, the other hand, the Saver Account is used for the purpose of personal savings. No limit is related to this account and the member can withdraw the money at anytime.
The White Rose Credit Union provides a number of loan product exclusively for the members. These loans are provided for a number of purposes. Different amounts are offered by the Credit Union and the amount depends upon the purpose. The most significant feature of these loan are the amount of flexibility. The loans are provided with the lowest interest rates and at the same time the repayment plan of these loans are also comfortable. There is no hidden charges or pre-payment penalties added to these loans. The loan amount is also secured by the insurance that is provided by the White Rose Credit Union.
Contact Details

Hemsworth Branch Wakefield Branch
14 Cross Hill, Hemsworth, Pontefract, WF9 4LQ 7A The Springs, Wakefield, WF1 1PU
Tel: 01977 723777 Tel: 01924 305168
Fax: 01977 723779 Fax: 01924 305304


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