Wright Patt Credit Union

Wright-Patt Credit Union was established as an organization to provide savings and borrowing facilities to the members. In 1932, when the organization was established, the United States was passing through a transition phase and an organization with such characteristics was essential for the community.
Since its establishment, the credit union has developed rapidly and at present, it is providing services to more than 150,000 members who are also the owners of the organization. These members include 1,100 employee groups and individuals from Miami and Ohio. Wright-Patt Credit Union operates through 19 member centers. The assets of the company amount to more than $1 billion.

The membership of Wright-Patt Credit Union is available for a large section of people and the members are provided with the best financial services at highly affordable rates.
Apart from providing several types of loans and credit products, there are a wide range of services that are offered by the organization to the members. On the other hand, the Wright-Patt Credit Union also offers several investment instruments to deposit money and get high returns from that.

Products and Services of Wright-Patt Credit Union
Deposit accounts are offered by the credit union to save money for the future and at the same time, these accounts yield significant amount of return because the organization provides high interest rates on the deposits.

Some of the products offered in this category are the following:

Checking Services
ATM Cards
Debit Cards
Visa Gift Cards
Navigators Youth Club
Balance Builder Certificates

The mortgage and home finance program of Wright-Patt Credit Union offers low interest loans to the members that are better than many loans offered by several financial institutions. The mortgage loans of the credit union are offered with a variety of interest rate plans. The borrower gets the chance to choose from the fixed rate, adjustable rate or jumbo loan products and many more. Special loan programs are there for the first time home buyers. The rebate program of Wright-Patt Credit Union is also very helpful for the community.

The personal loans of Wright-Patt Credit Union are offered for different purposes. These loans function as easy sources of finance for the members because of the low rates. One can avail these loans for purchasing boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and many more. These loans are also available for house renovation purposes of the members and so on.

Apart from these, Wright-Patt Credit Union offers several types of credit cards to the members to offer them additional financial flexibility. It is a credit product and can provide immediate access to necessary funds and wise use of these products can solve a lot of problems.
Contact Details
Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc.
2455 Executive Park Blvd.
P.O. Box 286
Fairborn, OH 45324-6219

Tel: (937) 912-7000
(800) 762-0047

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