Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank was incorporated in the year 1865. It is regarded as an age old joint stock bank in India. In 1969, the bank was nationalized by the Government of India. At present, the bank is also providing services beyond the territories of India and at the same time, the business of Allahabad Bank has crossed Rs.1,00,000 crore. The bank is headquartered at Calcutta (Kolkata) and is governed by the board of directors headed by Shri Avinash Chander Mahajan as the Chairman and the Managing director of the institution. Products and services of Allahabad Bank The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services. The products are designed in three categories that are deposit products, retail credit products and other types of credit products.

Some of these products are discussed below: Deposit Products of Allahabad Bank
Flexi-Fix Deposits
Gold Deposit
Diamond Jubilee Deposit Scheme
Rs. 5 Banking

The Flexi-fix Deposits provide high interest rates on the deposits. The initial deposit for this scheme is Rs. 20,000 and after that, multiple of Rs. 1000. The money can be withdrawn at any time. On the other hand, the Gold Deposit Schemes are designed to make proper use of the gold deposits that are in the possession of the individuals, trusts and companies. In return, the owners would receive good amount of interest for the deposits. In these schemes, gold is deposited in the form of jewelery, coins or bar for a period of minimum one year. The Diamond Jubilee Deposit Scheme is also very high yielding and provides an interest rate of 9.25% p.a. for the deposits. Retail Credit Products of Allahabad Bank These products are designed to provide easy loans and financial assistances to the clients. These products are offered for a number of purposes and the loan products are offered with flexible terms and conditions carrying affordable interest rates.

Some of these products are as follows:

Car Loan
Personal Loan for Doctors
Education Loan
Housing Loan
Saral Loan
Personal Loan for Pensioners
Allbank Rent Loan
Gold Loan Scheme
AllBank Abhushan Scheme
Allbank Property Scheme
AllBank Trade Scheme
AllBank Gyan Dipika Scheme
All Bank Mobike Scheme
Overdraft Facility in SB Accounts
Allbank Furnishing Loan
Loan Against NSC/KVP
Other products of the bank Apart from these, there are several other financial products that are developed for the purpose of providing the farmers with some financial flexibility. These products are the following:

Kisan Credit Card
Kisan Shakti Yojana
Contact Details: Allahabad Bank
Head Office
2 N.S. Road, Kolkata – 700001
Telephone No. : 033-22319144
Fax No. : 033-22107425

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