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Canara Bank was established in 1906 and in the beginning, it was known as Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund. Sri. Ammembal Subba Rao Pai was the founder of this bank. In 1969, the bank was nationalized and the present name was adopted by the institution. In 2005, the bank achieved the number one spot among the nationalized banks in terms of making net profits (Rs. 1,110 crore). At the same time, the Capital Adequacy Ratio and NPA Ratio of the bank had also improved. Canara Bank is providing its services through 2,542 national branches and one overseas branch. The principal aim of the bank is to provide a perfect combination of social and commercial banking. Such efforts of the bank were recognized to a substantial extent and so Andhra Bank became the first bank of India to receive the FICCI award. Services provided by Canara Bank Personal banking products and services of Canara Bank A wide range of products are developed by the bank as personal banking products. Some of these products are as follows: Deposit Services

  • Savings Bank
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Current Account
  • Cansaral Savings Account
  • SB Canchamp Deposit Scheme
  • Canrelax Scheme
  • Can Premium Current Account Scheme
  • NRI Deposits
  • Canflexi Deposits
  • Canbank Auto Renewal Deposit (CARD)
  • Ashraya Deposits (for Senior Citizens)
  • Recurring Deposits
  • Can-Tax Saver Deposit Scheme
  • Kamadhenu Deposits
  • Savings Bank Gold Scheme
  • Floating Rate Deposit Scheme

Card Services

  • ATM Cum Debit Card


  • Housing
  • Education Loans
  • Teachers Loan
  • CanTECH
  • Canara Guide
  • Home Improvement
  • Two Wheeler Loans
  • CanMOBILE (Vehicle)
  • CanPENSION(for Pensioners)
  • CanJEWEL
  • CanCASH(Shares)
  • CanRENT
  • Fair Practices Code
  • Swarna Loan (Gold Loan)
  • CanSite Loan
  • CanBUDGET(for Employed)

Advisory Services

  • Trustee Services
  • Tax Assistance
  • Estate & Will
  • Investment Counseling
  • Personal tax Assistance

Commercial Banking Services of Canara Bank Canara Bank provides a number of commercial banking services to the clients including cash management services, merchant banking, corporate credit and many more. Some other products designed for commercial banking facilities are as follows: Loans

  • Export Finance
  • Loans to SMEs
  • Loans to Traders
  • Agriculture Loans
  • Other Priority Loans

Advisory Services

  • Agricultural Consultancy
  • Project Finance Services
  • Industrial Advisory Services
  • Debenture Trustee Services

Apart from the personal and commercial banking services, Canara Bank also provides NRI Services and international services. A wide range of loan products have been designed for the SMEs and the priority sectors. Canara Bank has a number of subsidiaries and regional rural banks. The subsidiaries of the bank are the following:

  • Canbank Venture Capital Fund Limited
  • Canbank Computer Services Limited
  • Canbank Factors Limited
  • Canfinhomes Limited
  • Canbank Financial Services Limited
  • Canbank Investment Management Services Limited
  • Gilt Securities Trading Limited

The Regional Rural Banks under Canara Bank are as follows:

  • Pragathi Gramin Bank
  • Shreyas Gramin Bank
  • South Malabar Gramin Bank


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