HDFC Bank started its operations in India in the year 1994. This new generation tech-savvy bank was promoted by a leading housing finance company of the country  the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited or HDFC.

HDFC offers a number of banking products and services to its clients. The loan services of this bank are highly appreciated by the customers. HDFC Bank is currently having 753 branches and 1,716 ATMs across 320 cities of India. All the branches of this bank operate on the online real-time basis. HDFC is also famous for offering innovative financial products and services to the individuals, trusts, corporates, partnerships, mutual funds, financial institutions and insurance companies.

The personal banking services and products offered by HDFC are the following:

Accounts and Deposits
Investment and Insurances
Payment Services
The various savings accounts offered by HDFC are the following:

Savings Plus
Retail Trust
Pension Savings
Family Savings
Kisan Club Savings
The current accounts offered by HDFC are Plus, Trade, Premium, Regular, RFC and Domestic. The fixed deposit schemes offered by HDFC are – Regular Fixed Deposit, Super Saver Sweep-In and 5 Year Tax Saving Fixed Deposit.

The various loans offered by HDFC are the following:

Personal Loans
Home Loans
Educational Loans
Two Wheeler Loans
New Car Loans
Used Car Loans
Express Loans
Loans Against Securities
Loans Against Property
Tractor Loans
The investment and insurance products offered by HDFC are mutual funds, insurance, general and health insurance, bonds, financial planning, equities and derivatives, and many others. The bank also offers Forex and trade services for the individuals and clients. HDFC offers various credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards for accessing the new generation cashless shopping.

The NRI Services offered by HDFC are the following:

Accounts and Deposits
Investment and Insurance
Payment Services
HDFC bank also offers wholesale banking services. The major types of wholesale services offered by HDFC are the following:

Corporates Services
Funded Services
Non-Funded Services
Value Added Services
Internet Banking
Agricultural Lending
Financial Service Providers
Small and Medium Enterprises Services


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