Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank Overview

Indian Overseas Bank was incorporated in the year 1937. Indian Overseas Bank is one of the major Indian banking institutions and it is based in Chennai.

Indian Overseas Bank has six branches outside India and 1,400 branches in India.

Indian Overseas Bank Products

Indian Overseas Bank deals in the following products:
Investment Vehicles
Credit Cards

Indian Overseas Bank Deposit Schemes
Indian Overseas Bank offers its customers the following deposit schemes:
‘Vardhan’ – Senior Citizen deposit
Saving Bank Deposits
Multiple Deposit Account II
No Frills SB Accounts
Permanent Income Plan
Current Account
Wedding Deposit
Fixed Deposit
Varshik Aai Yojana
Reinvestment Deposit
Sanjeevi Deposit
Recurring Deposit Account
Education Deposit
Annuity Deposit Plan
Easy Deposit
Multiple Investment Scheme
Golden Jubilee Cash Certificate
Cumulative Benefit Deposit
Floating Rate Deposit
Multiple Deposit Account I

Indian Overseas Bank Loan Schemes
Indian Overseas Bank furnishes its customers with the following loan schemes:
Pushpaka Loan Scheme
Home Decor
NRI Home Loan Scheme
Personal Loan
Home Improvement Scheme
Shubh Yatra
Clean Loan
Subha Gruha Scheme
Retail Trade
Vidya Jothi Scheme
Alankaar Scheme

Indian Overseas Bank Agri Business Consultancy
Indian Overseas Bank offers the following services in the Agri Business Consultancy section:
Conduct of Feasibility Studies
Preparation of Project Appraisal Reports
Conduct of Market Studies
Formulation of Rehabilitation Package for Sick Agro Units
Preparation of Detailed Project Reports

Indian Overseas Bank 8% Savings Bond Scheme 2003 (Taxable)
Following are the main characteristics of the 8% Savings Bond Scheme 2003 (Taxable) offered by Indian Overseas Bank:
Bonds are not transferable either wholly or in part
Tax shall be deducted at source
Bonds are issued in Demat Form called Bond Ledger Account
Indian Overseas Bank 6.5% Savings Bond Scheme 2003 (Non taxable)
The 6.5% Savings (Non taxable) Bond Scheme 2003 offered by Indian Overseas Bank has the following features:
Bonds are not transferable either wholly or in part except by way of Gift
Provision for Premature encashment after minimum lock-in period of 3 years
Bonds are issued in Demat Form called Bond Ledger Account

Indian Overseas Bank also offers Forex Collection Services and Rupee Conversion Services. Contact Details:
Indian Overseas Bank
Head Office
763 Anna Salai
Chennai – 600 602


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