United Bank of India

United Bank of India is one of the major nationalized banks of the country. The bank was nationalized in 1969 and before that, the bank was known as United Bank of India Ltd., which was incorporated in 1950. The bank is providing services through its 1,370 branches in India and three overseas branches. United Bank of India is operating with around Rs. 37,167 crores of deposits. On the other hand, the gross advances of the bank are estimated at around Rs. 22,641 crores. The bank is headquartered at Kolkata, West Bengal and is governed by a board of directors headed by Shri P.K.Gupta as the chairman and managing director of the bank.

United Bank of India took part in the development process of the country in the post independence era. The bank played a major role in the development of the banking activities throughout the country.

The bank was concerned with the development of facilities in the rural areas of the country. United Bank of India is a major bank in the eastern and north eastern parts of the country. A number of regional rural banks avail the assistances provided by United Bank of India.

United Bank of India is very much aware about the changes in the banking system and so the bank is also following the way of technological upgradations for the development of the services. Almost five hundred branches of the bank are using computers for providing services and the rest of the branches are going to be computerized in the coming years. At the same time, the Electronic Fund Transfer System has been introduced in four branches established in the four metros of the country. ATM facilities of the bank are available throughout the country. Foreign currency transfer services are also provided by the bank in collaboration with the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

Products and Services of United Bank of India Deposit Schemes of United Bank of India

United Deposit Scheme
United Basic SB Account
Savings Bank Account
Recurring Deposit
United Bonanza Savings Schemes
United Current Deposit Account
Fixed Deposits
United Tax Savings Growth Plan
United Flexi Deposit Schemes
United Tax Savings Income Plan
United Children Savings Account
Utility services of United Bank of India

Collection of Tax
Retail Credit Products of United Bank of India

United Housing Loan Scheme
United Education Loan Scheme
United Housing Loan for Pensioners
United Mortgage Loan Scheme
United Personal Loan Scheme for Salaried Persons
United Cash Rental
United Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners
United Car Loan Scheme
United Trade Credit
United Consumer Loan Scheme

Apart from these, United Bank of India also provides several services to the corporate sector, which include term loans, working capital finance and loan for export activities and many more. At the same time, there are several priority services designed by United Bank of India to provide assistance to the agricultural sector, small business sector and other sectors. Contact Details: United Bank of India
Head Office
11, Hemanta Basu Sarani
Kolkata 700 001
Ph. No.: 033-22133172


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