ICRA Overview ICRA was established on 16th of January 1991. ICRA operates through a number of groups that deal with activities like mutual fund services, credit rating, IT (Software) and management consulting. ICRA is a partner of Moody’s Investors Services. ICRA Products and Services ICRA offers a wide variety of products and services. They can be mentioned as below:

Corporate Governance Rating
Mutual Fund Grading
Performance Grading
Management Consulting Services ICRA Ratings ICRA offers Ratings services in the following domains:
Corporate Debt
Public Finance
Financial Sector
Corporate Governance
Insurance Sector
Issuer Ratings
Infrastructure Sector
IPO Grading
Structured Finance
Other Releases
ICRA Mutual Fund Grading ICRA offers Mutual Fund Grading services for three types of clients. They may be mentioned as below:
Fund Sponsors/AMCs
Each client group is benefited in separate ways from the ratings. The various advantages of these ratings with regard to specific client group may be mentioned as below: Investors’ Benefits
Facilitate informed investment decision making
Help to meet specific investment objectives
Provide independent and reliable opinion on the relative credit quality of the portfolio and the quality of the Fund�s management and operations
Intermediaries’ Benefits
Differentiate (using the ICRA Rating) the various Schemes from other Rated/non-Rated Schemes
Provide informed advice to investors
Enhance the marketability of various schemes
Offer products matching the specific return-risk preferences of investors
Fund Sponsors/AMCs� Benefits
Provide for benchmarking of performance
Provide an assessment made by an independent agency
Help to meet investors� rating requirements
Serve as a marketing tool to differentiate a scheme from other available schemes
ICRA Management Consulting Services ICRA offers the following Management Consulting Services:
Restructuring and Reform
Risk Management
Transaction Advisory
Operations Improvement
ICRA Corporate Governance Rating The Corporate Governance Rating service of ICRA helps its clients to determine the exact extent to which they are adhering to the basic rules and principles of corporate governance. ICRA Performance Grading ICRA offers the following services in the Performance Grading section:
Construction Grading
Real Estate Grading
Healthcare Institution Grading
SSEs Grading
Maritime Institutes Grading
Following are some services and products offered by ICRA:
Investor Awareness
ICRA’s Line of Credit Rating Products (Basel II)
Money & Finance
Sector Research
Mutual Fund Services
IPO Grading
Contact Details of ICRA ICRA Limited
1105, Kailash Building 11th Floor, 26,Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi-110 001

Ph: (91 11) 2335 7940-50

Fax: (91 11) 2335 7014

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