American Express Bank

American Express Bank is a global financial service providing company and is headquartered at New York City, USA. The bank is also popularly known as “AmEx” or “Amex”. It offers a number of banking products and services to its customers and clients. The bank is internationally well known for offering excellent service in credit card, charge card and traveler’s check businesses.

American Express Bank offers financial services for personal banking, business banking, corporate services and also for the merchants. The bank is famous for offering a wide range of credit and charge cards. The major credit cards by American Express Bank in India are – American Express Platinum Credit Card, The RPM Credit Card, American Express Gold Credit Card, American Express E Credit Card, American Express Credit Card, India Today Group American Express Credit Card. The various charge cards offered by the American Express Bank in India are – Indian Airlines American Express Gold Card, Indian Airlines American Express Green Card, American Express Gold Card and American Express Card. The various investment products offered by American Express Bank are backed by high performance.

The financial products and services by American Express Bank are the following:

Sweep Accounts
Mutual Funds
Discretionary Portfolios
Credit Solutions
Specialized Investments and Bonds
Trade and Foreign Exchange Solutions

American Express offers Travelers Checks that make traveling a hassle free and enjoyable experience. These checks are safer to carry than cash and are easy to use as they have universal acceptance.

The business services provided by the American Express Bank can be subdivided further into – Financial Services, Merchants Services and Corporations Services. The bank offers financial advisory services and trade and forex solutions to its clients. Under the merchant service division, the clients can learn about accepting the card, manage the merchant accounts and also gain other facilities from other services.

American Express Bank provides corporate services to the institutions, corporations and companies. Some services available here are – corporate card programs, corporate consulting services, business travel and corporate purchasing solutions. The corporate card-members of the bank can enjoy a sophisticated customer service and can also register for it and experience online services. Contact Details of American Express Bank in India: American Express Bank Ltd.
Cyber City, Tower C, DLF Bldg No.8,
Sector – 25, DLF City Ph II
Gurgaon – 122002, India

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