Citibank was established in 1812 and at present, it is one of the major financial institutions of the world. It is operating in more than 100 countries of the world and providing services to more than 200 million customers. Citibank is also providing its valuable services in India and it is one of the major foreign banks of the country. Several customized products and services are designed by the bank for the Indian market. Apart from providing personal loans, the bank has a number of insurance and investment products. At the same time, Citibank credit cards are quite popular in India.

Products and Services of Citibank in India

Loans Provided by Citibank

A wide range of loan products are designed for the Indian market. These loans are offered for different purposes.

The interest rates and loan terms are quite flexible in nature, but the most attractive thing is the easy loan sanction process. Some of these loan products are as follows:
Personal Loans
Home Loans
Loan against Property
Auto Loans
Loan against Shares
Ready Credit
Investment products designed by Citibank
Mutual Funds
Depository Services
Demat Accounts
Credit Cards
The credit cards of the bank have become highly popular in India. These cards are provided to enhance the financial capacity of the customer. At the same time, these cards eliminate the risks that are involved in carrying too much cash. These products are designed for a number of purposes and for each purpose, there is a different card. Some of these products are as follows: Airline/Travel
Citibank World Money Card
Jet Airways Citibank Gold Card
Diners Club International British Airways Card
Jet Airways CitiBusiness Card
Maruti Suzuki AutoCard
IndianOil Citibank Card
Citibank Cash Back Card
Citibank Gold Card
First Citizen Citibank Card
Citibank Platinum Card
Citibank Choice Card
Special Interest
Citibank Woman’s Card
CRY Citibank Card
Citibank offers a number of banking services to the customers. Some of these banking products are Citibanking Account, Debit Card, Corporate Banking and many more. On the other hand, the bank also offers a number of insurance products to the customers. Some of these products are life insurance, health insurance, credit card insurance and many more.


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