Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the major financial institutions of the world. It is providing services to more than 50 countries of the world. In India, the Standard Chartered Bank started its journey in 1858 in the city of Calcutta. At that time, Calcutta was the prime business center of India. The bank was opened to provide customized services to the rice mills and to the Arab firms of the city. The jute and indigo industries were also provided with financial services. But with the change in the financial situation Bombay became the business capital of the country and the bank was also shifted there. At present, all the activities of the bank are administered from Bombay. The bank is providing its services through 83 branches throughout the country.

Standard Chartered Bank is providing a wide range of financial services to the customers. It has designed a number of customized financial products and services for the Indian market. Some of these products are Personal Banking, SME Banking, Commercial Banking and many more. Personal Banking Service of Standard Chartered BankStandard Chartered Bank offers a number of personal banking

products to the customers. Some of the products offered by the bank are as follows:

Debit Card
Credit Cards
Investment Products
NRI accounts
A wide range of accounts is provided for different purposes. Customers can get good amount of interests from their savings in these accounts. On the other hand, the credit and debit card products of the bank are designed to provide financial flexibility to the customers. The loans like personal loan, home loan and many more are designed with easy interest rates and loan terms. The insurance policies of Standard Chartered Bank provide a number of general and life insurance products to the customers. SME Banking Services of Standard Chartered Bank These services are designed to provide financial assistance to the small and medium businesses and to stimulate their development process. Both secured and unsecured loans are provided by the bank. At the same time, there are several services that are meant to help import and export activities and transactions in foreign accounts. Standard Chartered Bank offers the following products to the small and medium enterprises:

Term Loan
Express Trade
International Trade Account
Working Capital
Business Installment Loan
Commercial Banking Services of Standard Chartered Bank The bank has a number of commercial banking products and services for the corporate sector of the country. As Cash Product Specialist, Standard Chartered Bank offers a wide range of transactional banking products and many more. Some of the commercial banking products are as follows:

Payments Services
Liquidity Management
Collection Services
Clearing Services
Contact Details Standard Chartered Bank
Principal Office-India
90 Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: +91 (002) 22670162


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