Aviva Life Insurance

Aviva Life Insurance Overview Aviva Life Insurance is one of the leading life insurance service providers in India. Apart from providing life insurance services, Aviva Life Insurance also provides Financial Planning services. Aviva Life Insurance offers a wide variety of life insurance products and services to its clients.

Aviva Life Insurance is a joint collaboration of Aviva and Dabur India. Dabur India holds 74% of the shares and Aviva has 26% of the total share. Aviva Life Insurance Products and Services Aviva Life Insurance offers the following types of products and services:

Aviva Life Insurance Individual Aviva Life Insurance offers the following products to its individual clients:

Young Achiever or Life Saver, LifeLong
Secure Life, Life Shield, Anmol Suraksha or Amar Suraksha
EasyLife Plus, Pension Plus, Save Guard or Life Bond5, Treasure Plus
The products and services provided by Aviva Life Insurance for the individual clients are used for the purposes of securing a good financial future and increased savings. Aviva Life Insurance Group Aviva Life Insurance has designed its group services and products keeping in mind the various necessities of its corporate clients. Following are the main Group products and services of Aviva Life Insurance:

Group Gratuity
Aviva Life Insurance Rural Aviva Life Insurance also caters to the insurance requirements of the rural sector of India. The following products and services are specially designed for the rural people:

Jana Suraksha
Amar Suraksha
Aviva Life Insurance Financial Planning Aviva Life Insurance offers its customers the following Financial Planning services:

60 sec Financial Health Check
Record Sheet
Lifecycle Guide
These services are primarily available in form of tools that help to increase the awareness of the clients regarding their financial states and requirements. Aviva Life Insurance Customer Services Aviva Life Insurance also provides the following Customer Services:

Premium Payment
Policy Details on SMS
Policy Servicing Form


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