Chola Mutual Fund

Chola Mutual Fund Overview Chola Mutual Fund was incorporated in the year 1996. DBS Chola Mutual Fund provides its clients with more than 19 mutual fund schemes. More than two lakh customers have availed the services of DBS Chola Mutual Fund.

The total worth of assets managed by DBS Chola Mutual Fund is more than Rs. 2473 crores as per the figures of May 2007. DBS Chola Mutual Fund is equipped with a powerful distribution network that helps it to provide its services in a more organized manner.

Chola Mutual Fund was renamed DBS Chola Mutual Fund when the sponsor of the fund was changed to Cholamandalam DBS Finance Limited from the previously functional Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Limited. Cholamandalam DBS Finance Limited is a joint collaboration of DBS, a well-known bank of Singapore and Murugappa Group. DBS Chola Mutual Fund Client Groups DBS Chola Mutual Fund offers its services to the following client groups:

Retail Investors
Institutional Investors
High Networth Investors
DBS Chola Mutual Fund Products DBS Chola Mutual Fund offers the following products:

Debt Fund
Hybrid Fund
Equity Fund
Debt Fund of DBS Chola Mutual Fund DBS Chola Mutual Fund provides the following Debt Fund products:

DBS Chola Treasury Management Fund
DBS Chola Triple Ace
DBS Chola GILT Investment Plan
DBS Chola Freedom Income – Short Term Fund
DBS Chola Short Term Floating Rate Fund
DBS Chola Liquid Fund
Hybrid Fund of DBS Chola Mutual Fund DBS Chola Mutual Fund provides the following Hybrid Fund:

DBS Chola Monthly Income Fund
Equity Fund of DBS Chola Mutual Fund The customers of DBS Chola Mutual Fund can choose from the following Equity Fund products:

DBS Chola Hedged Equity Fund
DBS Cholamandalam Growth Fund
DBS Chola Global Advantage Fund
DBS Chola Midcap Fund
DBS Chola Tax Saver
DBS Chola Opportunities Fund
DBS Chola Contra Fund
DBS Chola Multi-Cap Fund


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