ING Vysya Mutual Fund

ING Vysya Mutual Fund was established in 1999. The fund is jointly owned by ING and Vysya. As one of the top ten financial services groups ING Group is providing services in about 50 countries across the world. The client base of the company consists of institutional, individual and private clients.

The management of the company consists of the trustee company and the AMC. The trustee company has the same name and was established in 1999. The Asset Management Company named as ING Investment Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1998. The AMC of ING Vysya Mutual Fund was the introducer of packaged concept in the asset management sector of India. At the same time, the funds are rated highly by the credit rating agencies of India.

Mutual funds provide the investors with the opportunity to invest money without taking much risks. In this sense it can be called as safe investment option with good growth rate. The mutual funds collect money from several investors and then the amount is invested in various types of profitable venture capital organizations. ING Vysya mutual fund provides secured investment options with profitable returns. At present, the fund is offering several types of fund to the investors. Investment Products of ING Vysya Mutual Fund

Debt Schemes
ING Floating Rate Fund ING Gilt Fund – Provident Fund
ING Select Debt Fund Short Term Plan
ING Gilt Fund – Regular Dynamic Plan
ING Income Fund – Short Term Plan Long Term Plan
ING MIP Fund – Plan A
ING Liquid Fund Dynamic Plan
ING Liquid Plus Fund ING MIP Fund – Plan B
ING Income Fund ING Gilt Fund – Provident Fund
ING Liquid Call Fund


Equity Schemes
ING Equity Fund ING Tax Savings Fund
ING C.U.B. Fund ING Select Stocks Fund
ING Midcap Fund ING A.T.M.Fund
ING Domestic Opportunities Fund ING Nifty Plus Fund
ING Dividend Yield Fund


Hybrid Schemes
ING Balanced Fund ING MIP Fund – Plan B

Contact Details of ING Vysya: ING Investment Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
17, Lincoln Lodge,
Attamount Road,
Mumbai 400 036
Tel : +91-22 2383 7999
Fax : +91-22 2381 4668

Mutual Funds Investment

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