LIC Mutual Fund

Life Insurance Corporation of India is a premier insurance company in the country and it set up LIC Mutual Fund on 19th June 1989. According to the rules set by the Indian Trust Act, 1882, the LIC Mutual Fund was formed as a Trust.

The names of the directors of LIC Mutual Fund Trustees Company Private Limited are – D.K Mehrotra, N. Mehta, P. N. Shah, V.G. Subramanyam and V. Raghavendra.

LIC Mutual Fund offers numerous fund schemes for its customers. The schemes are designed based on the financial needs and requirements of the customers. Some of the major fund schemes offered by LIC Mutual Fund are:
LIC MF Bond Fund-Growth
LICMF Balanced Fund-Dividend
LICMF Liquid Fund-Dividend

LICMF Index Fund-Sensex(Dividend)
LICMF Index Fund-Nifty(Dividend)
LICMF Index Fund-Sensex(Growth)
LICMF Monthly Income Plan-Monthly Option
LICMF Short Term Plan-Dividend Option
LICMF Short Term Plan-Growth Option
LICMF Monthly Income Plan-Growth Option
LIC MF Equity Fund-Dividend
LIC MF Equity Fund-Growth
LICMF Opportunities Fund-Growth
LICMF Fixed Maturity Plan Series
LICMF India Vision Fund –
LICMF Liquid Plus Fund
LICMF Fixed Maturity Plan Series
ICMF Systematic Asset Allocation Fund
LICMF Growth Fund –
LICMF Children Fund
LICMF Unit Linked Insurance Scheme

The investors can have Weekly NAV update, Holiday NAV update and Monthly NAV update from the official website of the LIC Mutual Fund. The firm also offers a number of online services for the users. The investors can download common application form, nomination form, SIP through ECS Form, portfolio, ECS form, letter of identity, discharge form or form 50, addendum and the offer documents online from LIC Mutual Fund official website.

All the data regarding the name, address, certificate, folio number, etc of the investors are stored in the electronic data server maintained by the registrars of the firm. The various sales services offered by LIC Mutual Fund are also handled by the registrars. The customers coming up with any complaints need to contact first the registrars of LIC Mutual Fund.


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