SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual Fund is designed and marketed by Societe Generale Asset Management Company of France and State Bank of India. SBI is one of the largest banks of India and GAMC of France is a renowned global fund manager. The joint venture of these organizations has created one of the biggest mutual funds of India and provides investment options to more than 3 million customers. SBI Mutual Fund manages huge amount of assets worth Rs.17, 000 crore. It provides services through its distributory channel consisting of 40 district organizers, 100 collection offices, 28 investor service desks and about 26 investor service centers.

SBI Mutual fund has been designing and offering new investment options at a regular basis. Till now, the fund has offered nearly thirty-two investment schemes. Among these schemes, fifteen are running successfully. The investment schemes provided by SBI Mutual Fund are setting new records. The investment products are designed in two different types as open-ended funds and close-ended funds. Open Ended Mutual Funds Offered by SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Magnum Index Fund SBI Magnum InstaCash Fund – Liquid Floater Plan
SBI Magnum Balanced Fund SBI Magnum IT Fund
SBI Magnum Income Plus Fund Investment Plan SBI Premier Liquid Fund
SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan SBI Magnum Monthly Income Plan
SBI Magnum Global Fund SBI Magnum Pharma Fund
SBI Magnum Contra Fund SBI Magnum Multicap Fund
SBI Magnum Gilt Fund Long Term Plan SBI Magnum NRI Investment Fund
SBI Magnum FMCG Fund SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus
SBI Magnum Gilt Fund Short Term Plan SBI Magnum NRI Investment Fund FlexiAsset Plan
SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme 1993
SBI Magnum Income Fund SBI Magnum Monthly Income Plan Floater
SBI Magnum COMMA Fund SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund
SBI Magnum Income Plus Fund Saving Plan SBI Magnum Midcap Fund
SBI Magnum Blue Chip Fund SBI Magnum Equity Fund
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund SBI Magnum Institutional Income Fund

SBI ONE India Fund is the only Close Ended Mutual Fund provided by SBI Mutual Fund. Contact Details: 191, Maker Tower ‘E’, Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai – 400 005.

Tel: +91 22 22180221
Fax: +91 22 22189663

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