Venture Capital Firms in India

Venture capital firms in India invest the shareholders’ money to start up a venture. The ventures in which the Indian capital firms invest may be risky but potentially very profitable in nature.

According to the study done by Venture Intelligence with the partnership of US-India Venture Capital Association, the venture capital firms in India invested $508 million across 92 deals in the country in the year of 2006. It was the IT sector and IT enabled sectors that lured the venture capital investors the most in 2006 in India. 64 among 92 deals contributing to $367 million in the total investment was from IT and IT-enabled sectors. Other business sectors that attracted the investors were – financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and food and beverages.

It is believed firmly that the resurgence in VC investments was promoted by the strong return from the Silicon Valley VC firms. It can be said clearly that the IT and IT enabled sectors not only contributed in enhancing the economic scenario of the country but also ensured a good return to the VC firms. This trend is expected to sustain for next couple of years.

The new generation venture capital business in India is experiencing the new technology through immense mobile phone usage and broadband Internet access. The venture capital firms in India are now backed by experienced professionals. These firms are not only offering capital to the business but also offering necessary advices to the businesses.

Indian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (IVCA) is the national organization for the venture capital firms in India. The objective of the organization is to promote and encourage the industry in the country. It also encourages the members to invest in the high growth companies. The members of the IVCA are – institutional investors, incubators, banks, corporate advisors, angel groups, lawyers, accountants, academic institutions, government bodies and other companies or agencies that provide services to the private equity and venture capital industry in the country. The member firms generally provide capital for the early stage companies, seed ventures, later stage expansions and also for the management buy-ins and buyouts of the stable companies.



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Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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