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Intel Capital India Technology Fund Overview Intel Capital launched the India Venture Fund on 5th of December 2005. The value of the Intel Capita India Technology Fund at its beginning was US $250 million. Through the Intel Capital India Technology Fund, Intel Capital wants to assist the Information Technology industry of India. Use of Intel Capital India Technology Fund The Intel Capital India Technology Fund of Intel Capital is supposed to help those companies, which are looking to make profits from the quickly expanding Information Technology sector of India. The Intel Capital India Technology Fund would also help the local business entities of India.

By availing the Intel Capital India Technology Fund of Intel Capital, the business firms of India can receive capital that would help them to develop technological solutions useful for their business activities. The regional business organizations would also be able to develop products that could be sold in the Indian market.

Intel Capital also plans to provide the Intel Capital India Technology Fund to those companies that deal in technological services. The companies, which are trying to deal in the international market, would be given special preference while providing the Intel Capital India Technology Fund.

Intel Capital India Investment Intel Capital started making investments in India in 1998. Since 1998, Intel Capital has put its money in more than 40 companies placed in seven cities of India. Some of the companies may be mentioned as below:

Sasken Communication
Deccanet Designs
India Ltd.
Future Soft
Intel Capital has presently invested in some major Indian business organizations:

Tejas Networks
Nipuna Services Ltd.
Intel Capital believes that the quality of their services would attract more and more international Venture Capital firms in India. It is being assumed that most of these firms would come from the Silicon Valley in the United States of America.


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