Tata Investment Corp. Ltd

Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. was established in 1937 with the initiatives of Tata Sons. At the beginning, the company was known as The Investment Corporation of India. Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. provides financial assistance to the start-up ventures in different sectors. At the same time, the company also invests money in the securities. Underwriting services are also a part of the company activities. Nature of the company Till 1959, the company was a closely held company but after that, the company became a publicly held investment company. At present, the company is listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Major portion of the company capital is provided by Tata Sons along with the other ventures of Tata. They own almost 60 percent of the company stakes. Remaining portion of the capital is provided by the investors. At present, the company is enjoying the status of a non-banking financial company and is registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Major Activities of Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. After transformation, the company mainly concentrated on developing itself as an investment company. For the purpose, the company developed a wide range of investment products. Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. along with Tata Sons is promoting the Tata Mutual Fund. Apart from this, the Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. holds a major part of the stakes of Tata Securities.

At present, the company is investing in several companies from different sectors through securities like equity shares, bonds and many more. All these investments are done for a long time period. Income from the dividends forms a major portion of the company’s yearly income. Assets of Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. Proper management of the available resources and judicious investment decisions are jointly responsible for the phenomenal development of the assets of Tata Investment Corp. Ltd. At present, the company is operating with a paid-up capital of Rs.35 crore. The reserves of the company are around Rs.568 crore. Contact Details: Ewart House
Homi Mody Street
Fort, Mumbai 400 001
Phone: +91 (22) 2228 0374
Fax: +91 (22) 2265 2629

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