TVS Capital Funds Ltd

TVS Capital Funds Ltd. has been designed as an asset management firm and the prime aim behind designing such a fund is to invest in the private companies as well as in the family owned businesses throughout the country. The fund is designed by TVS Group, one of the major business houses of India. To initiate the fund, Mr. Suresh Raju has been appointed by TVS Capital Funds Ltd. as the General Partner.

There is huge number of mid-cap as well as family owned business setups in India. Many of these companies have the potential and they only need suitable business partners to grow.

If these companies get the required facility there is enough chance of their expansion through better management of the resources, workforce and operations. TVS Capital Funds Ltd. has the necessary expertise to offer the businesses with proper development plans and many other professional services.

To develop business culture in the mid-cap and other businesses is the prime aim of TVS Capital Funds Ltd. At the same time, the fund is also meant to develop the infrastructure of the businesses to accelerate the growth process.

On the other hand, the TVS Capital Funds Ltd. has a well-spread network that includes several sectors from different geographical regions. Some of these sectors are from US, Europe and China. This network is also very important for the development of business activities.

Primarily, TVS Capital Funds Ltd. is depending on the market for the fund that is needed to start the activities. The size of investment made by TVS Capital Funds Ltd. in the mid-cap or other businesses is expected to be very large because, the fund instead of providing seed capital aims at investment. Contact Details of TVS Capital Funds Ltd.:Jayalakshmi Estates
8, Haddows Road
Chennai 600 006, India

Phone: (044) 8277155
Fax:(044) 8232296

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Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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