ABN AMRO is one of the top ten banks with global presence. It has more than 3,568 branches and it is operating in a large number of countries with assets of more than $504 billion. ABN AMRO provides a number of customized services to the clients. There are personal banking services, corporate and institutional banking services and business banking facilities offered by the bank. It also offers a wide range of transactional banking products for its clients. ABN AMRO is also involved in asset management and microfinance.

The corporate and institutional banking services of ABN AMRO is a combined face of two different services called corporate banking and investment banking. Through the corporate and institutional banking services, ABN AMRO provides a wide range of products including operational services, financial services and advisory services to the clients through out the whole world. Almost 20,000 workers of the company are related directly with the corporate and institutional services to the clients.

ABN AMRO provides Corporate and institutional services (investment banking) in the following sectors:

Public Sector
Financial Institutions
Following are the products that are offered by ABN AMRO bank to the corporate and institutional clients (hedge funds):

Capital market products of ABN AMRO: ABN AMRO is one of the major financial institutions to offer prime brokerage services to the hedge funds. The bank in collaboration with Rothschild provides a wide range of products related to the equity capital market. Some of these products are as follows:
Fixed Income
Risk advisory services
Equity Capital Markets
Mergers and Acquisitions
Foreign Exchange
Eco Market Products of ABN AMRIO:
Private Investor Products
Structured Funding and Investment
Equity Syndication
Emissions trading
Corporate Broking
Transaction Banking of ABN AMRO: The Transaction Banking services of the bank denote the worldwide payment and services products of ABN AMRO. This service of the bank includes cash management, trade services and many more. $2.4 billion is handled by the bank for this service.

Apart from these, there are several other services that are offered by ABN AMRO bank to the institutional clients. Asset Management, Private Equity, etc. are some of those services.

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