Acadian Asset Management

Acadian Asset Management is a reputed asset management company, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was previously known as Acadian Financial Research. The wholly owned affiliates of the firm are located in Singapore and London. Acadian Asset Management specializes in the global and international equity strategies.
It also employs sophisticated analytical models for the active selection of stocks and also for the valuation of the peer groups. Acadian Asset Management also offers fixed income strategies in the current markets. The firm is a global equity manager and the clients of the firm are  governments, private and public pension plans, private individuals and foundations.

Acadian Asset Management firm follows certain philosophies while investing in the market. The firm believes that greater opportunity in investments can be earned if the pool of potential investments is large enough.

The three observations on which the firm’s investment philosophy is based are the following:

The “mental models” of the investors regarding how the stock prices are changed due to both internal and external factors
Since the investors sometimes act irrationally, the markets may be inefficient
The markets are generally adaptive and the investment strategies may go in and out of favor. The risk relationships also may change over time.

The financial products offered by Acadian Asset Management are the following:

Equity Investment Strategies
US Equity
Non-US Equity
Frontier Markets Equity
Closed or Paused Strategies
All Country World ex-U.S.
Global Equity
European Equity
Japanese Equity
Asia-Pacific Equity
Emerging Markets Equity
Non-U.S. Small-Cap
Acadian Mutual Fund
Fixed Income

The research done by Acadian Asset Management does not emphasize on the fundamental analysis of the companies, but focuses on the design of the entire investment process offered by the firm.
Contact Details of Acadian Asset Management:
Acadian Asset Management
One Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109
Tel: 617-850-3500
Fax: 617-850-3501


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