AR Schmeidler

AR Schmeidler is a New York based money management firm. For over three decades, the firm has been offering portfolio management solutions to its clients.

The firm is committed to offer personalized financial services to its clients as it understands that every client has his/her individual needs.

While designing an investment portfolio, AR Schmeidler first analyzes the specific requirements of the clients. All the investment portfolios consist of bonds, publicly traded equities, and government securities. But the firm makes it a point to design the portfolio according to the unique profile of the clients. The advisors of AR Schmeidler are committed to work in accordance to the specific circumstances of the clients.

There are some core set of principles that AR Schmeidler follows while making any investment. The firm invests in those companies that the firm believes would gain the highest future return on free cash flow and capital, the undervalued assets and future economic benefit.Another principle taken up by the firm while investing is judging the supply-demand imbalances in the economy and then investing in the industries that are benefited from the imbalances.

The firm also identifies the most appropriate beneficiaries and global opportunities while investing in the market.The firm focuses mainly on those companies that are entrepreneurially managed for the benefit of shareholders thus giving wise return from the investment. The firm also carries out contingency analysis in order to determine the investment impacts and thus responding to the sudden changes in the investment environments.

AR Schmeidler manages money for the corporations, institutions and also for individuals. The portfolios that are designed here are made according to the specific client needs. The firm measures its success by client satisfaction. The high net-worth individual clients of AR Schmeidler are � personal accounts, IRAs, individual trusts, family foundations and family trusts. The institutional clients of AR Schmeidler are � public company pension funds, private company pension funds, public company profit sharing plans, private company profit sharing plans, endowments, foundations and Taft Harley retirement plans.

Contact Details of A.R. Schmeidler & Co., Inc.:

A.R. Schmeidler & Co., Inc.
500 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10110
Contact: Andrew Schmeidler (212) 687-9800



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